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Quality Care Through Mutual Respect.

Our Vision

Vision Statement

“Quality Care through mutual respect in a loving environment”

Mission Statement

Clayton Church Homes Incorporated is committed to ensuring that its facilities and management emphasise the rights and dignity of all individuals. It is dedicated to the provision of safe and pleasant accommodation for residents, while enabling them to continue with their chosen lifestyle as much as possible. The Home’s will continuously strive to introduce benefits and standards that are aimed at improving the physical well-being, self esteem and lifestyle of all residents. Clayton Church Homes Incorporated will remain responsive to changing individual and community needs and seek to be of service to both.

Guiding Principles

Mutual Respect

CCH believes that mutual respect between all stakeholders supports its daily decision making and service provision.


CCH aims to provide quality services so that the elderly are able to continue the lifestyle they choose within a supported environment.


CCH recognises that people living in supported accommodation have the same human, legal and service rights and responsibilities as other Australians, including the need to live in harmony with other people and to respect their rights.

Decision-Making and Accountability

Decisions made by CCH are consistent with its Vision and Mission Statements, always keeping in mind the rights of the individual, the laws of Australia and the desire to continually improve the quality of services provided.

Service Provision

CCH will provide services within its means and to the highest possible standard. It will always maintain the rights of the individual, the requirements of government agencies (including legislative and regulatory requirements) at the forefront of its decision making processes and future development.